Sicky Vicky and the Vomit Comet

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It's Vicky's eighth birthday and she is having a big party at Hurley's Amusement park. Vicky gulps and slurps more and more amusement park goodies, enjoys more and more
stomach churning rides and remains oblivious to her protesting squeamish friends she prides herself on her cast iron tummy.

That is until she arrives at the almighty Comet ride the fastest, twistiest, bone rattling, hair raisingest ride around.

What happens next is magical chaos...

Key Features:

  • Bestselling author Lisa Regan returns at the helm of this laugh out loud lest you barf out loud story. She pairs up with well known and well loved quirky children’s illustrator Pauline Reeves for hijinks galore. Reeves' whimsical illustrations are full of energy and fun details for kids to spot and giggle at.
  • The previous books within this gross out series have been a massive success, and this will continue the trend.

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