Excel Test Skills - Selective Schools & Scholarship Tests Skills & Strategies Years 5–6

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About This Book

The aim of Excel Test Skills - Selective Schools & Scholarship Tests Skills & Strategies Years 5–6 is to identify, develop and practise the skills useful in test situations, in particular the Selective Schools and Scholarship Tests. Recognition of these skills and strategies, and confidence in applying them, will lead to better test results.

In this book students will find:

  • Practical strategies on answering questions effectively
  • Hundreds of practice questions for Reading, Mathematical Reasoning Thinking Skills and Writing
  • Detailed answers and explanations for all questions, outlining the skills required
  • The best test preparation for your child


Product Details

SKU: 9781741256383
YEAR: Year 5 and Year 6
Dimensions: 280 mm (h) x 210 mm (w)
ISBN: 9781741256383
TYPE: Assessment & Test Books
BRAND: Excel
SUB BRAND: Excel Tests
Author(s): Lyn Baker, Sharon Dalgleish, Tanya Dalgleish, Donna Gibbs & John Moir
Format: Paperback

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