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This book is part of the Excel Advanced Skills series, which provides primary-school students with more challenging extension and enrichment work in English to increase their knowledge and skills. The format of each unit is the same so that students become familiar with the requirements of the questions, which become progressively more difficult as students work through the book. The sequence of units allows for regular practice that will extend the English skills taught in school. Each book in the series supports the requirements of the Australian Curriculum (English) at each year level.

• Thirty carefully graded, self-contained units of teaching and learning activities

• Reading and comprehension questions with a focus on higher-level inferring and evaluative questions that will challenge students to think critically

• Spelling and vocabulary questions with a focus on advanced work covering topics such as misspelt words, word families, synonyms, definitions and antonyms

• Grammar and punctuation questions with a focus on advanced work on topics such as noun groups, verb groups, adverbials and cohesion

• Texts in context—this extension unit provides a deeper analysis and evaluation of the language choices authors make and the ways that readers make meaning from texts. It focuses on advanced work by comparing purpose and audience, and by examining structural features such as sequencing and paragraphing of texts

• Four NAPLAN-style tests

• Answers to all questions

Author: Donna Gibbs


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Year 3
Excel Advanced Skills

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